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Actress Megan Fox says her recovery after giving birth to her third child has been "awful". "I haven't slept in almost a year," Fox said on TV show "Extra". "There's not one night that I have slept through the night.

Megan Fox may want to secure her digital privacy, with the TRANSFORMER's hottie supposedly becoming the victim of an internet hacker leaking scandalous naked photographs.

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Megan Fox: The Full Portfolio and Cover Story. You've seen the sexy Megan Fox video. Hell, you've probably browsed this photo gallery. You've even got all caught up on the latest Megan Fox news, pictures and the like. But now that she's back in Friends with Kids, Hallelujah all over again.

Megan Fox's trim and toned body may look effortless, but the 31-year-old actress says she put a lot of work into it after the birth of her third son.

"Extra's" Renee Bargh recently sat down with Megan Fox on the set of her fall campaign shoot for Frederick's of Hollywood. The mom of three is back in sexy shape after giving birth to son Journey last year, but how did she do it?

Fox, Megan.

Megan Fox Admits Getting Her Body Back After Baby Number 3 Was Hard. While celebrities may have it easier than some, Megan Fox can confirm that no matter who you are it takes some hard work.

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We |ove Megan Fox. О группе Участники Фото Видео Музыка Обсуждения. В сети наконец появилось запись турецкого шоу Beyaz, в котором Меган Фокс приняла участие. так что смотрим и наслаждаемся новыми видео.

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Russian Megan Fox Olesya Malinskaya. Russian Megan Fox Olesya Malinskaya (real name Olesya Sidorchik) is from Volgodonsk, born April 5, 1989. She moved to Moscow in 2006.
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